Filme für den Unterricht


Imitation Game (2014 Regie/Drehbuch: Graham Moore mit Benedict Cumberbatch, Morten Tyldum auf der Grundlage der Biographie Alan Turing -Enigma von Andrew Hodges. Thema: Das Leben Alan Turings als Mathematiker, ‚Kodebrecher der Enigmamaschine‘ und als Homosexueller. Letzteres wird allerdings in der BBC-Produktion „The Codebreaker“ (2012) stärker thematisiert.

Umsetzungsmöglichkeit – Miniunterrichtseineiheit




Words and Pictures (USA 2013 Regie: Fred Schepisi mit Juliette Binoche, Clive Owen) – Theme: What is more important (substantial, honest, influential):
Words or pictures? Setting: Upscal College in Coryden, Maine, eccentric English teacher with a drinking problem meets strongheaded Art teacher – Comment: theme interwoven with a love story between the English and the Art teacher; some nice quotes from artists (e.g. Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.‘ – Oscar Wilde) – Ideas for previewing: Play the game that the English teacher plays in the movie: Find 5-syllalble words in alphabetical order ( and talk about precision/effects of these words or/and debate on words and pictures or the role of images and words in social media… While-viewing: Stop the film after the English teacher exhibits the images with explicatory text and discuss the scene and possible reactions from the Art teacher. After-viewing: Reflect some quotes and images with the students.